Hospital Murals

I completed eight murals at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange, CA.  The themes for the murals are the themes of the eight floors of the hospital: Insects and Flowers, Fossils, The Beach, The Cosmos, The Solar System, Aquatic, Reptiles, and Birds and Sky.  It was a great experience! Please view the video and pictures below.


“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Carolee Merrill on a project where she provided  8 hand painted Murals. Her vision and artwork transformed a boring, uneventful hallway into a journey through many layers and levels of our world.  I do not know of  anyone who was not captivated by watching these murals grow and take life. 

Besides the visual impact of her murals, her friendly and energetic personality left an impact on the people with whom she interacted. I would be honored to work with her again.” – Kristi Appelhans, Sr. Construction Manager JACOBS. Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Here is a video of all of the murals at CHOC Hospital.


Insects and Flowers Mural

1 Insects and Flowers b


Fossils Mural

3 Fossils


The Beach Mural

1 Beach


The Cosmos Mural

1 Cosmos


The Solar System Mural

1 Solar System


Aquatic Mural

2 Aquatic


Reptile Mural

2 Reptiles a


Birds and Sky Mural

1 Birds and Sky B